Alzheimer’s and dementia

The ongoing ‘ageing’ of society means that Alzheimer’s disease is becoming a more and more widespread disorder. Modern diagnostics plays a crucial role here in distinguishing this clinical pathology from other forms of dementia. Even if no cure is yet in sight, it’s only through early diagnosis that there is

any possibility of delaying the advance of the disease. This involves determining protein changes in the brain typical of Alzheimer’s using so-called PET/CT diagnosis. This can be done at a very early stage – up to 10 years before the appearance of any noticeable cognitive symptoms. Thanks to its participation in a study of

Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and the associated research into possible future treatment options, the DTZ in Berlin-Friedrichshain is now at the cutting edge of medical research in this area. We can show you details of the study and the disease in a personal counselling session.